Does your business need more BLONDE? I have over 25 years of retail, consumer, fashion, and hospitality experience waiting to be tapped–by you.

Let’s chat over a cocktail. Granted it might be one hell of an expensive one. Your time is precious. So is mine. Which is why I take meetings –and my cocktails–very seriously.

For an hour of my time (more or less) you get my undivided attention. I promise not to tweet, text or yawn. If after the meeting you choose to retain my consulting services we can take this thing to the next level.

Fee: $500.00
Dates are subject to my schedule and availability and will occur in Phoenix, AZ which is pretty much heaven on earth. At least for 9 months out of the year anyway. Unless you want to make it an all expenses paid trip to you.

Kristin Bentz | The Talented Blonde