At the intersection of clink and chic emerges The Liberty Hotel in Boston, MA. The onetime 1840’s prison is now the golden big-house of SPG and the location of my most recent adventure. The Liberty is a prison of puns; room service is referred to as “solitary dinning”, their outside restaurant “The Yard”– I can’t think of a more decadent way to do time. From the prison key ‘do not disturb’ signs to the constant reference of doing hard-time throughout the property, the arresting design of the property is thanks to inteior-genius Alexandra Champalimaud.

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My Starwood Ambassador put me in the Superior Queen Queen (correct spelling) Suite. Right in the heart of Beacon Hill, our room perfectly carried on theme of the property with masculine touches of old prison keys, clocks and a supremely plush with superior thread count bedding. This property, a Luxury Collection in the brand hierarchy of Starwood( $HOT) is an example of urban renewal at its finest. Outlets named ALIBI, CLINK, and its fine dining restaurant SCAMPO—which means escape—all subtly weave the hotel’s theme. Some of the former Suffolk County jail’s bars are still left exposed, adding an authentic—but never cheesy tone to the Liberty. Unlike many hotels I visit, this property maximizes every square foot it possibly can to increasing revenue with LIBERTY AFFAIRS.

Monday & Wednesday nights are devoted to YAPPIER HOUR where guests and locals alike can imbibe on handcrafted cocktails while all things Bark and Woof do time outside in the YARD. On this visit our ambassador book a table on one of the CATWALKS to have cocktails and small plates during “Fashionably Late” a Thursday evening fashion show that puts even Bryant Park on its heels. And on Friday & Saturday nights, the entire property is transformed during BEAT WEEKENDS, where Boston’s finest babes are shaken not stirred to fat bodacious beats. Pro tip: If you are traveling with kids, request a higher room on the far side of the Lobby, because sleep and quiet will be at a premium. Otherwise, procure a seat in the Lobby bar CLINK, sit back and watch the show.

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CLINK is a great lobby bar. Perfect for light fare when you’ve been playing’ time zone hopscotch’ and just need a little TLC—tender loving cocktails. Make no mistake though, the bartenders, who are warm and jovial, become cocktail assassins when weekends kick in, proving masters of the shaker. Expect lines three and four deep during high volume nights Thursday-Saturday. Excellent Bloody Mary bar on Sundays as well.



The perfect ‘escape’ this warm and inviting eatery boasts an expository kitchen and inviting bar. We requested off the menu pasta on this visit and the chef gladly met our requests. The food is delicious and savory and the cocktails again are made with care. Pro tip: on Friday nights the chef slow roasts a whole suckling pig. DEFINITELY worth staying on property as we cancelled outside reservations to do just that. We weren’t disappointed A trend that I’ve been noticing lately, this restaurant is not a part of SPG ($HOT) but independently run. The staff is wonderful. Efficient. Kind. Anticipatory. No Millennial flu here. Carla, the hostess basically became an honorary member of the family. Remember, in hotels, elegance without warmth is arrogance, and at the Liberty the staff from Valet to Housekeeping is warm but never too familiar. Most hotels cannot master that type of service.

BLONDE APPROVAL RATING: A+ Absolutely Blonde Approved




KID FRIENDLY-YES with a caveat: know if staying for the weekend Fri and Saturday night are bumping and loud. Either plan events off sight or tuck in early. Also request a room that is up high or far from the Lobby.



The Liberty

215 Charles Street, Boston, MA, 02114-  Phone: (617) 224-4000

Kristin Bentz | The Talented Blonde