Kristin Bentz is the Talented Blonde. She shoots guns. She eats meat. She wears fur. She has a serious shoe fetish. And then there’s that Blonde Thing.

Kristin began in the luxury retail & hotel industry before moving to Wall Street. She’s survived both Dick Fuld AND Jim Cramer, as an ex-Lehmanite and as former Managing Editor of `Real Money’, spending more than 30 years surveying luxury brands, consumer trends, and consumer equities.

Widely recognized for her unique ability to identify trends in consumer, lodging, and luxury sectors even before The Street does, Bentz consistently offers fresh and independent analysis of the financial markets and consumer sector. She’s worked with everyone from WalMart to Richemont. Gap to Gucci.

Her honesty and wit earned her the moniker `Talented Blonde.’ These days, people know if she’s wearing it, it’s a good idea. You can find her leading and advising `Team Talented’ on Twitter at the handle @TalentedBlonde, but that’s if you don’t find her today doing an interview with a number of financial news publications on the trends you’ll be hearing about tomorrow.

Kristin Bentz | The Talented Blonde